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sources of happiness [poem]

for my last boyfriend I read
a series of books outside of my preferred genres
I swallowed down 15 books
force fed myself on almost 12,000 pages
until my mind was fit to burst
gorged on the ideas of someone else’s fantasy realm
over 4 million words crossed before my eyes
building cultures that left me in awe
but a plot that left me a bit disinterested
I finished the series for him
because I wanted to share something
he enjoyed

after finishing that epic readathon
I tried to recommend one book to him
a book that fit his love for a wild ride
it was 408 pages
a few hours of focus
to share something of mine as he’d shared with me
five years later
he left me
never having touched the book I’d offered up
as a gift of understanding between us

the same pattern has played out before
where I listen to a lover’s favorite music or
figure out how to cook their favorite meal or
try out their preferred kind of game
but they never bothered to do the same
they offered up only a lesson

that no one worth being with is going to be so
callous and uninterested
in your sources of happiness
at least not if they intend to become one


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