Why did I decide to join BookTube?

I got bored, honestly. I’m obsessed with reading, writing, and words in general. Every spare moment I have involves skimming articles or devouring fanfiction or flipping through the pages of another book.

It only made sense to share that obsession with like-minded people, especially when I already enjoy interacting with BookTubers through their comment sections and other social media. Making videos and writing reviews of my own gives me an outlet for my thoughts on whatever I’m currently enjoying, and it lets me add to the community.

Now to be fair, I recorded just a couple of videos before going dark. Honestly, I started a full-time job and kind of lurked around BookTube instead of filming my own opinions to share. Then we started house-hunting, and all of my free-time (and focus) went to that process.

Good news is, we found a house! Once I’ve moved into the new house and gotten reorganized, I want to film more book reviews and poetry. Fun stuff!