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on my list [poem]

I’ll get to it later
whatever it might be
if it’s even the tiniest bit important
it’s on my list
and if it’s on my list
I’ll make time for it eventually
my list is full of bullet point promises
no specific order or rank in importance to my goals
I mean sure
there are items on my list that have
years of wishing tied to their line on the page
maybe some wishes
have been crossed off after too many failures
or maybe they’ve simply faded out
with the combination of sunlight and time
sometimes it
can’t happen without someone’s help
sometimes it
can’t happen when I’m drowning
in the little things
bills and laundry and leftover pizza
sometimes it
just can’t happen
and I’m trying to wrap my heart around the idea
that an eraser can be necessary
that I might have to lose it
without ever having it in the first place


bookdragon, poet, witch

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