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the Moon [poem]

the Moon comes and goes and
I ignore Her because I can’t handle it
when She tells me to smile and
Her brilliant beauty in the face
of my aching patchwork heart hurts and
I hold myself apart from others
hoping to cut the ties now and
free myself from a world too painful
full of colors far too vibrant and
eyes too sharp when they see me
they see every broken piece of me and
I can’t sit here exposed like that
with every scar uncovered and
not hate it or them or myself
for letting it get this bad and
not having the power to save me

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forget [poem]

forget the way the moon sits
over the top edge of the grey towers
and lights up the alleys like magic
forget the way footsteps shuffle across concrete
while muffled music escapes into the night air
forget the way goosebumps tickle the flesh
as early spring mimics winter’s chill
on bare arms
forget the way laughter warms everything again
and dancing bodies
sweating together in the dim light of the bar
forget the way a stranger’s hand
draws attention away
from hope walking down the steps ahead
and tilts the world back toward this
awkward reality
forget the way the stars watch
the flirting and failure
and burn 
right along with it
until it can all be