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blame Nyx [poem]

there are events in my life that confuse me
or at least my reactions to them
you see
I don’t know how I survived
how I didn’t curl up and wish for death
in the face of the lies and hurt and violence
because let’s face it
I am a soft and breakable thing
but somehow
I made my worst moments
the exception to the idea that I can be shattered
I can only blame Nyx
cold night goddess of the cosmos
of the big black nothingness out there
who else could make
cotton into steel
glass into diamond
She molded me into straight spine and dry eyes
and I’m so grateful for it
for the unrequested help
for the guaranteed survival
for the emptiness that swallowed my hurt
before it could swallow me whole
She made me the night sky
the immeasurable space between the stars
and taught me to live in my own darkness
and for that I’m thankful


bookdragon, poet, witch

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