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you are worthy [poem]

you are worthy of every good thing that happens to you
repeat this every morning to your reflection
until it feels like fact

you are allowed to be happy
even when there is nothing special to be happy about
your smile is allowed to flourish in the sunlight
without explaining itself to the lazy wilted daisies

you are full of potential the way a beach is full of sand
don’t ever think your last chance has come and gone
just shake out the other shoe
count each grain that escapes another
hidden opportunity

you are so easy to love at first sight
that puppies can’t resist the urge to kiss you
this is a super power
embrace it and do good

you are a gift on a random Tuesday
a free coffee with extra whip
some people don’t like the taste of sweet things
because they prefer to stay black coffee bitter
be sweet anyway


bookdragon, poet, witch

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