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the poem where everything is a bad metaphor about loving me [poem]

most puppies eagerly pounce on new people
tails wagging a mile a minute
this mutt lays at your feet
still and cautious
quiet around these unfamiliar predators

a bee knows itself a bomb with a self-destruct button
it will protect the hive anyway
one dead bee is such a minor thing
weighed against the honey that isn’t taken this time

bulletproof glass looks just as delicate as any other window
but lets through only the light
it keeps safe those who stand behind it
ready to break but remain unshattered
the cracks on its surface
proof of the protection it gave and will keep giving

a screen protector on your phone is meant to break
absorbing every thunk and crash and ding
to keep the phone’s true face uncracked
some things are made to be broken
and that’s okay

the deepest point of the ocean falls in the Marianas Trench
some 7 miles underwater
only three humans have dared the depths
knowing death would swim alongside their vessels
curiosity is a dangerous addiction
only humans seem to possess


bookdragon, poet, witch

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