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this body, an owner’s manual [poem]

this body is my first home
this body is furnished for my comfort rather than your aesthetic
this body may get spruced up for your visit but
this body is not required to look good for you
this body is decorated by my choice of paint
this body will have whatever holes in the walls I deem desirable
this body is allowed however many visitors I want to invite to the party
this body is never required to host a party
unless I want the party to happen
this body runs on the utilities I sign up for
you have no say in how I power my home
I’m the one who has to live here
this body may require outside maintenance in the form of a doctor’s visit
but the doctor is only invited in
to fix the plumbing or replace the cracked tiles
I will ask for other services when I deem them necessary
and I don’t appreciate attempts to upsell me carpets
if you’re here to unclog the sink
this body is exactly the way I want my home to be
and will remain this way until I say otherwise
this body is my last home
I will leave it well lived and well loved


bookdragon, poet, witch

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