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favorite things [poem]

my favorite color is green
I love the way it symbolizes life and toxicity at the same time
all depending on context and shade
I believe in putting pineapples and anchovies on pizza
as long as it’s not both on the same slice
I cry for other people’s happy endings
thanks to overly sympathetic tear ducts and a wide open heart
my favorite song changes with my mood
but it will often be annoyingly catchy
I’m sorry in advance for that
I see the best in people
because the average stranger is not an asshole
contrary to popular belief
I jump from interest to interest in days
but I will always circle back eventually
it’s the way I let myself explore this world and all its offerings
I know love is real the same way I know to breathe
an instinct that comes naturally
I think loving you will be my new favorite thing


bookdragon, poet, witch

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