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decent man [poem]

my father is a decent man
who sometimes makes unkind choices
he is the man who fell in love with a new mother
and took in her child as his own
his courtship included date nights with
a baby along for the ride rather than a babysitter
and some time alone
he is the man who raised a daughter
without any sign of being anything but blood
never letting her feel less than wanted
he is the man who never left his family wanting
his steady shoulders bearing them through lean times
without complaint
my father is also the man who saw
black nail polish and hair as a sign of uselessness
called the goth kids faggots for their look
he is the man who decided videogames were for boys
buying each new system for his son
even if his daughter asked first
he is the man who told his daughter
not to bother coming home
as long as her love wasn’t monogamous and straight
like a good girl’s heart should beat
my father is a good man with judgmental thoughts
and the inability to bend
and I still love him in all his murkiness


bookdragon, poet, witch

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