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the first goddess [poem]

my mother is like Gaia
sturdy support underfoot as I walk this life
she birthed me from herself
parthenogenesis creating a wild weed of a girl
my mother is the first goddess
the path created for others to follow
she is the calm that stills my racing pulse
the deep breath that releases my anger
she taught me how to be more like the earth’s mantle
and less like its molten core
she is the supple strength that showed me how to
be more willow tree than mountain
taught me how to choose which winds to fight
and which to bend my will to
she is the temperance in the face of
my most overwhelmed moments
the reminder that the grass grows
even when I’m not looking
and there is such a thing as too much
too much fertilizer
or water
or sun
my mother is the reason I exist
the creator of this body
but more importantly
she is the one who grew the soul that lives here
the person you’ve learned to love having around
know that every time
you show appreciation for my existence
you give praise to her


bookdragon, poet, witch

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