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scare you off [poem]

I’m relatively certain
I’m going to scare you off from the start
that falling in love with me is ridiculously easy
but loving me is incredibly hard
you grew up with the standard lines
the goal
to find someone to love enough to marry
to have your children with
that will never be me
I’m already married to the only person
I knew for sure would promise me forever and mean it
this isn’t a competition
because no one will ever take her place
I’ll never want to have your children
that dream dried up in my womb and died a few years ago
children are more mess than magic to me
when you fell in love with me
it probably seemed like a good idea
it wasn’t
but here you are
standing in the middle of a field
a solitary weed aching to be noticed
I see you in a wild expanse of green
a tiny flower
face tilted toward the light
my love both the sun and the soil
feeding life into everything I touch
I can’t help but wonder
what kind of heart can handle sharing mine
with the rest of the world
so naturally


bookdragon, poet, witch

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