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cold [poem]

the only time I get cold is when I’m sick
usually my hands are
bonfire flames in the middle of the night
I give great hugs
the kind that play warm blanket
tucking you firmly into the shelter of my arms
usually isn’t always though
when depression slows down my heartbeat
until the blood stops reaching the furthest parts of me
I get icicles for toes
slip my hands into the collar of my shirt
until the chill seeps away into warmer skin
when I catch a cold
a rarity but still a burden we all bear eventually
my internal furnace runs low on oxygen
my lungs unable to keep up with the demand for fuel
and so I shiver
quake in a pile of comforters
with a cup of hot cocoa and the knowledge that
this too shall pass
my body temperature is the first sign of my health
before all else


bookdragon, poet, witch

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