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cautious [poem]

there are reasons I am cautious
I am female
which is to say that I’m no weaker than a man
but I know some men
feel a violence in their veins
when a woman contradicts them
I am gay
or rather I’m a woman married to a woman
while open to loving others
and mostly interested in men but
all most homophobes see
is the wife and the lesbians going to hell
sometimes they offer to help us get there sooner
I am a witch
familiar with the dance of invisibility
my natural kindness
allowing me to pass as a good Christian girl
but my pentacle
a red flag waved in front of angry eyes
some would want to exorcise me from their presence
turn me into a purified body
by removing my wretched soul by force
I am a pacifist
a little too easy to walk over sometimes
but the softness I present tends to
stave off the rage of others before it can be directed at me
sometimes staying quiet is staying safe
there are reasons I am cautious
I am one wrong step from the edge
of a crumbling cliff
and one wrong word from being given
a helpful shove into empty air


bookdragon, poet, witch

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