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a different kind of love [poem]

if love is a choice between
going without sex or
trusting a stranger to become a lover and friend
I’ll become celibate
love is so much more than physical
and as much as I enjoy sex
I enjoy being happy more
loving an asexual is all about
the simplicity of shared openness
that she and I are us
without definition
she and I are warmth in winter
hot cocoa with marshmallows
she and I are also
cool breeze and swimming pools in summer
we are freshly baked bread
because love is something everyone wants a piece of
the minute its present
she and I are balance
a yin yang of temperaments
we are love without sex
loving instead with fingers through hair
and back rubs
and a steady shoulder to lean on
if loving my wife like this is strange
maybe it’s your definition of love that’s the problem


bookdragon, poet, witch

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