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mental illness as a superpower [poem]

I’d like to think
my love for Bruce Banner and Bucky Barnes
stems from a deep understanding
of what it means to be broken
to live with a
toxic disconnect
between key pieces of your own psyche
like embracing that violent rage or icy indifference
is an act of bravery
rather than just an act of survival
you see
when my depression rears up in my throat like acidic bile
I used to fight it
swallow it down and
bury whatever parts of me birthed that monster
but now
now I’m less afraid of
what might happen if I let go
lose control to the urges of my darker half
instead I find comfort in knowing she
the depressed poet with the hollow heart
can save others with her faded echo of a life
she can protect me from this world
with apathy and dispassionate stillness
if I were to meet the broken boys of Marvel
I do believe the Winter Soldier and the Hulk
would call my shadow self


bookdragon, poet, witch

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