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overgrown [poem]

I don’t know how you’ll handle all this
overgrown garden of a soul
without mistaking my most beautiful blossoms
for weeds
I don’t know what kind of gardener might’ve
learned wildcrafting at their mother’s bosom
not in this world of cookie cutter lawns and
white picket fences made to hold us in
to keep my untamed mint patch
from contaminating your perfectly pruned hedges
but will vines creep between the holes in your fence
and dandelions float on the breeze
with a gentle fuck you in their bright yellow blooms
what I’m trying to say is
I let someone else borrow my lawnmower years ago
and never asked for it back
the tools in the shed have rusted
since the last time I tried to keep all my greenery
just so
this heart is more hiking trail
than zen garden
here’s to hoping you like it


bookdragon, poet, witch

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