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Tony Stark [poem]

some days I relate to Tony Stark
his mind running the numbers
calculating variables
a thousand thoughts a second
can you imagine how noisy it must be
inside his head at night
when all he wants is sleep
but the thoughts
the ideas and the data analysis and the
three dozen new hypotheses to test
they don’t care about something so trivial as sleep
and that’s when we ignore the mistakes
and the anxiety
and the nightmares
a faster processing speed doesn’t mean
he gets solutions to every problem
but rather
he’s seen forward to the next set of issues
and the next
and the next
layer after layer of an endless mess
the data is too much
and making it all go soft around the edges
with whatever poison fits the bill tonight is just
the best way to find something resembling
peace of mind
if only for a moment


bookdragon, poet, witch

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