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red, white, and (feeling) blue [poem]

when they found Captain America in the ice and thawed him out
they left Steve Rogers lost in a new world
full of same-but-differents
everywhere he looked
people still fell in love but
they had less pressure to limit themselves
to the right kind of partner
and marriage was no longer a requirement
or expectation
people still fought wars
though this new war on terror
has a hazy enemy we might never defeat
the way we once defeated Hitler and his Nazis
people still have pride for their country
but it’s as artificial as
the synthetics used to make clothing these days
patriotism doesn’t sound the same anymore
it’s easy to get lost
coming back but not coming home
when I moved back to America after a few years stationed in Europe
the world was a confusing funhouse mirror
nothing looked right anymore
people judged more and discussed less
they parroted the right words
to show their love for this country but
never acted like Americans
people forgot why we’re called
the United States of America
and fell prey to the hammer and chisel of division


bookdragon, poet, witch

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