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to the daughter I never had – part 2 [poem]

To the daughter I never had,
a more few words of advice.
Know when to let go by the sting of your palms and
the way you stop wanting the thing you’ve been clinging to.
Remember that normal is relative,
and you were never meant to be easily understood.
Know that your light shines as a beacon for someone,
someone who, I promise, would be utterly lost without you.
Remember to keep the peace when you can,
because someone has to be soft in this hard world, but
know that you don’t have to bend and break
just to make others happy. You’re important too.
Remember your claws and teeth,
and don’t be afraid to use them in your own defense.
Know that protecting others is never a crime,
just as your voice is never meant to be quiet.
Remember not to let life make you bitter,
because I always forget that, at least for a little while.
Know that you have the power to forget or forgive,
and then use them both relentlessly and without justification.
Remember how I loved you,
but then remember the first lesson. I learned it the hard way.
Know that dreams aren’t always what we really need,
and their failure opens the way to for other dreams to flourish.


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