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a brightly colored pile of disorganized post-it notes [poem]

I was born to be a researcher
my mind cooperating in the strangest way
after learning a fact or function
I can recall the details if given context
it made fill in the blank and multiple choice tests easy
but in between I became a pattern seeker
my memory regurgitating random facts
in relation to whatever situation I find myself in
creating weird little thought trains
it makes me sound smart
like I’m a collection of encyclopedias
when my brain is more like
a brightly colored pile of disorganized post-it notes
the greatest skill I’ve developed
is the ability to do a search based on a tangent
a string of words I think might be a quote
and find the source within minutes
I was born to never stop learning
and I’m pretty sure I never will


bookdragon, poet, witch

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