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Bruce Banner is my favorite hero [poem]

Bruce Banner is my favorite hero
I connect to him
the way one fighter connects to another
my own Hulk a vivid personification
of my darkest depression and self-loathing
like the good doctor
I’ve learned how to bury it down
how to take the rising storm and calm it
before it can begin
I avoid having an incident
because too many people can be hurt
if I let go and sink into myself
I have to stay in control at all times
and it’s so exhausting
so I understand
why Banner tried to swallow a bullet
and why the Hulk refused
spitting it out like bad candy
my depression did the same in reverse
tried to get me to fall down and not get back up
but I refused
dragged myself up from the ground
and found a way to keep moving
I may not have radioactive poison in my veins
just blood and too much sweet tea
but I know how it feels
to burn from the inside out over a mistake
you can never undo
yet Bruce found a reason to move forward
helping others any way he can
even if it means embracing the Other Guy
that’s why he’s my hero
the gentle reminder
that life goes on after even the worst disaster
and the right kind of friends won’t mind if sometimes
your inner violence comes out to play


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