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an unremarkable life [poem]

I believe in the pleasure of living an unremarkable life
the comfort in being
a familiar face to small town people
but a stranger to the masses
there’s a tender ache in remaining quietly present
in everyone else’s moment
willing yourself invisible or at least a bit blurred
when people talk about
what they want to do with their lives
so few embrace this humble act
of simply existing day to day
we’re taught from a young age that
we’re the main characters of our own stories
it’s hard to accept
the idea of being a background character instead
but god
if you paid attention
you’d know just how relaxing it is to have no plot
no story arch to fulfill
I get to experience each day as
a lazy summer afternoon with no scheduled plans
my choices are insignificant ripples
my voice is just a quiet whisper
among the cacophony of shouted words
my shoulders hold up only my own
weighted expectations
not the world
I’m free


bookdragon, poet, witch

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