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story [poem]

tell me a story
your story
tell me about your parents
how they met in a small town back home
where everyone knows everyone’s business
tell me about the move out west
when your little family started growing
tell me about your brother
and his ridiculous obsession with pogs
tell me about that one teacher
who taught you to dive face first into a good book
just for fun
tell me about your first job
and the realization that money is a troublesome thing
as much of a trap as it is a key to freedom
tell me about the cracks in your heart
and the ones who put them there on purpose
tell me about the cracks you’ve made in others too
tell me about your smallest dream
the one that’s so close just waiting for you
to stand up and touch it
tell me about the fear that keeps you awake at night
maybe our demons
can dance together in the darkness
tell me a story
all about you


bookdragon, poet, witch

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