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Cernunnos [poem]

I met you in a circle
arms crossed over your chest in prayer
as you called my name

Cernunnos Cernunnos Cernunnos

it was strange
the way you showed up unannounced
a new voice in a crowd of familiar sounds
I watched you closely
heard the way your pulse sped
when the priestess spoke of me

come by flame
come by fire
come now whom we desire

you wanted this
wanted my presence
as you celebrated the turning of the wheel
so I came
stood by and played witness to your quiet intensity
witches come in so many different flavors now
each unique in their own way
you gave solemn worship by the altar in sunlight

lord of the hunt
lord of the field
lord at whose altar we kneel

but your body
danced around the bonfire at midnight
with wild abandon for me too
this is why I kept coming when you called to me
not for the candles
or the offerings of cakes and ale and roasted meats
I came for the untamed in you
I will always dance with the wild ones


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