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organized chaos [poem]

I live in a state of organized chaos
it’s true
the way my things have special piles and lists

many lists
of what to do and when and where
and pages and pages of why
my life reflects my mind
so you’ll have to excuse the mess
and get comfortable with the way I think
loving me is stepping into a thick fog
with no clue what’s ahead
you’ll need to enjoy the mystery
I can’t color code myself enough
to make sense to anyone who’s not


in understanding
in untangling the knotted yarn
of my ever-spinning heart
you’ll need to have patience
before you start this odd journey
or you’ll get lost from me
long before love is in our sight
be ready to wander aimlessly
through the flickering memories I share
until somehow it all makes sense
in its own


bookdragon, poet, witch

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