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heartache [poem]

it is the emptiness you feel
when the truth is said out loud
for the first time
it is the sudden shiver up your spine
love’s ghost as it haunts your bedroom at night
and your can’t sleep
it is a familiar ship seen long before it arrives
finally reaching the harbor of your heart
with its heavy cargo
it is the sharp sting of realization
when they don’t look back as they leave you
it is the catchy chorus
of what used to be your favorite song
stuck on repeat in your head
it is the desire to curl up under thick blankets
with a book and a few hours of escapism
from the chill of your lonely bones
it is the ever present shadow
that makes your heart skip a beat in fear
as it dances at the edges of your vision
but sometimes
sometimes it is the light too


bookdragon, poet, witch

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