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I don’t love you anymore [poem]

he never said
I don’t love you anymore
that would be too straight forward
too honest and far too brutal
so instead
he said
there’s a job down south and
my brother has a spare room I can use
I’ve always wanted to live in the city
and I know you don’t
I’ll come by for my things this weekend
he said
I don’t see what the big deal is
your grandpa always was a dick and
he was getting old anyway
didn’t he have diabetes or something
I don’t know why you’re so upset he’s dead
he said
this was fun babe but
I don’t really want anything serious right now
I thought you knew that when this started
don’t be so naive
he said
it doesn’t matter what she thinks
she doesn’t own me
what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her
come on goddess
just send me another pretty picture
he said
I’m sorry I lied to you but
I told you not to trust me in the first place
you only have yourself to blame
you silly little girl


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