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insomniac love [poem]

you were my last love
but you won’t be my last
I can feel it in my bones
the steady hum of the next one coming
you can’t stop it
even if you wanted to stop love
because it is as inevitable as gravity
pulling two hearts together
or three
or half a dozen
the number doesn’t matter
how they feel is all that matters in love
I can’t say I wish you the best
considering the way we crumbled into clay dust
at your careless handling
but I do wish you to find love
even when empathy for you is hard to find
it’s this heart
this beating bleeding heart inside of me
that refuses to lie down and rest
to take solace in being alone
my pulse is a war drum
pounding in my ears when I can’t sleep
I’ve become an insomniac
and I wonder if there’s some other insomniac love
waiting for me at midnight
every night
a little sleepless too


bookdragon, poet, witch

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