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holy water [poem]

I cry at night sometimes
these silent and hollow tears
more like condensation trailing down my cheeks
than actual pain
I’ve always loved the rain
the way everything feels
fresh and new after a storm
so I never fight the urge to cry
I embrace it
turn my face to the grey clouds of my tense insides
and let the tears fall as they may
unhindered by my open heart
I believe in drowning in myself
rather than dying of thirst
while standing in my own ocean
I know when to baptize myself
dip under those cool waters and start over again
wash away what no longer serves me
I turn my face to the pillow and cry
until the waves of my heartbeat
stop their violent crashing to the shore
until I can breathe again
inhaling the dampness into my lungs
like incense smoke and prayer
the truth is
tears have always been holy water
and I am truly blessed


bookdragon, poet, witch

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