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living out loud [poem]

you can’t be invisible
with green hair
I don’t know why I need this reminder
but apparently I do
I get surprised when someone
remembers me
notices my face
as if I didn’t turn myself into a spectacle
when I applied the color
so far from natural in the first place
I can’t be shy
can’t be introverted and quiet
can’t walk through the crowd unseen
because I’ve made myself a green lantern
a beacon lit
this lighthouse atop my head
signaling weirdness loud and proud
and this is surprisingly easy
letting my preference for green win
over my desire for invisibility
living my life
rather than simply letting it happen to me
a passive spectator to my own plotline
look at me in all my vibrant vitality
and think
could you embrace living out loud
so thoroughly?


bookdragon, poet, witch

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