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survivors [poem]

NOTE: this poem is dedicated to Christina Grimmie, as well as the victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando.

it hurts to know I can’t fix this
can’t unmurder the victims of yet another
act of senseless violence
can’t unbreak the hearts of their families
as the news hits
I can’t pray away this pain
can’t light enough candles to guide their lost souls
without burning the whole world down in the process
I feel small and helpless
trapped in a vicious cycle of deaths and heartache
I can’t fix this
but I can open my heart to the hurt
open my arms to embrace the survivors
because we’re all the survivors here
instead of joining the debate on
why and how and who could’ve prevented this
I focus on what I know best
I send out love to those who need it
to those who are hurt the most
the way I see it
the world can always use more love


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