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myth and memory [poem]

we were my favorite myth
better than the story of the sun
giving his light to the moon each night
just so she could shine
better than the story of the descent Persephone makes
each year to return to her husband’s side
Hades embracing her light
life in the dark richness of the earth
better than the story of our universe bursting into being
we were an epic the likes of
the Iliad and the Odyssey
a wild tale
an adventure we survived
but not all myths come to a happy ending
and so I tell our tale with a bitter taste in my mouth
I write the history of us in hieroglyphs
nearly illegible
turn you into an ancient mythology
just a story
a study in some far flung culture
rather than a piece of my life
I kill your godlike effect on me by taking away your power
shrinking your role until
you become a symbol
a trope to learn from and work around
not a god
just a memory


bookdragon, poet, witch

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