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this is peace [poem]

something about finding peace calls for letting go
it was hard to handle at first
when I learned that I could be released
from the minds and hearts of those I loved
so easily
I thought something was wrong with me
like I had no value
if no one had the urge to hold on
to struggle against my leaving them
I recognize
that peace is a heavy gift
that the way they took my requests for freedom
at face value and granted them was
a painful blessing
this is peace
pulling away from the poisons I kept ingesting
just trying to hold onto bad love
the kind of love that’s rotten inside
and best to avoid consuming
unless you want to get heartsick
this is peace
this strange hollowness inside
the way I’ve emptied myself of everything
to make room to breathe
and this loneliness
this is peace too


bookdragon, poet, witch

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