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be a star [poem]

I wonder how the stars feel
knowing their burning brilliance
is nothing but a twinkling light long after they’re dead
I wonder if they burn brighter
hot with the knowledge of their fading presence
I wonder if they care
or if their cores continuously consume base elements
with no concern for the ripples of their future burnouts
stars are powerful masses of destruction
and life giving heat
and that is why I need you to be a star
you who have been told all the usual platitudes
that it will get better
that this darkness you’re facing is only temporary
and death is too permanent to be a solution
that someone loves you
I know the words mean nothing on the bad days
echoing in the cavernous chamber of your empty heart
so forget the promises of gentle words
be willing to burn brighter
in the face of your own darkness
to force change
convert the elements of your suicidal depression
into new building blocks
let the heat of your refusal to fade out
bring life back into your uninhabitable heart
and don’t worry about how your light
may or may not matter tomorrow
because it matters today
just be a star
be brilliant
and burn


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