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rest in peace [poem]

as memorial day arrived again
I found myself thinking about a shrine
for those who’ve passed
the soldiers who served my country
with everything they had
and at first
I thought it’d be easy
call in the Valkyries
to help those warriors make it to Valhalla
like they deserve
but then my mind grew discomforted
because the ones that came home too broken to keep going
the ones lost to suicide and drug abuse
they’re still warriors
still heroes
but I don’t think they’d be welcomed in Valhalla
their weaknesses too big
their deaths too empty of honor or glory
it’s not fair
and I could never
honor those who’ve died in the heat of battle
without remembering those who died to its after effects
those who couldn’t free themselves from the claws
of violence and bloodshed
long enough to return to normal life
I couldn’t dishonor their sacrifice like that
so I had to scrap that plan
shrugged my shoulders and let go of the idea
of Valkyries watching over my altar space
I’ll stick to Persephone
sweet spring maiden turned queen of the dead
she would be fair
would weigh souls for all their years
not just their final moments
I can pray to her
on behalf of those who’ve served my country
and know she’d be able to help them all
not just the soldiers killed in action
but the lost souls who we failed to bring back in one piece
she could help them all find rest
in peace


bookdragon, poet, witch

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