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odd language [poem]

I wonder if you’ll need me
or if I’ll just be an accidental add-on
to your existing level of happiness with life
I wonder if you’ll dive into loving me
head first
with all the courageous gumption of an adventurer
or if I’ll trigger the need
for long lists of pros and cons
to weigh in on just how much it might cost you
to try loving me
I wonder if you’ll get here by the time I’m thirty next year
or if I’ll be years past waiting
when you finally arrive
I wonder if you’ll meet my growing expectations
or if I’ll find myself struggling
to find common ground more often than not
I wonder if you’ll make it past my dragon
or if I’ll be locking the tower doors on purpose
leaving you in the courtyard
without any cover
I wonder if you’ll get my weird metaphors
or if I’ll have to write you a reader’s guide
before we’ll speak
the same odd language


bookdragon, poet, witch

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