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the cup filler and the water [poem]

I’m an Aquarius
the sign of the water bearer
this means that I will often
pour you a tall glass of common sense
when the world around you feels like it’s gone crazy
but sometimes I will spill out facts at you
until you’re drowning in them
this is not an exaggeration
I will tell you everything in an effort to tell you nothing
this is a defense mechanism
this is how I hide in plain sight
having an open book face
while penning my deepest secrets in invisible ink
across my own skin
you will know so much about me
and yet so little of me
that I will appear an enigma
a wild card woman always full of surprises
I will flow over you
a waterfall of an experience
both cleansing and overwhelming in my wake
this is what it’s like to befriend both the cup filler
and the water itself


bookdragon, poet, witch

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