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loving a Gemini [poem]

she’s your two for one special
your buy one get one free on personalities
you see
she’s a Gemini
born split into pieces before she even got started
she doesn’t have an attitude
she has attitudes
if she likes you
you’ll know it by the raunchy jokes she shares
the way her laughter comes out at full volume
consider yourself one of the Chosen Ones
lucky enough to see her fun side
if she doesn’t like you
you might never know it
she’ll be that introverted girl
who hardly ever joins the conversation
the supposedly quiet one
if she loves you
you’ll notice the way she willingly makes exceptions for you
allows you to piss her off
without tearing you a new one
giving you a free pass when you’re being an ass
but if she hates you
the absence of proof will be the only sign
she doesn’t have time to waste hating you herself
so instead
she will let you sink into self loathing at her persistent silence
her cold shoulder the subtle frost of late spring
seemingly harmless
but amazingly deadly to new growing things
consider this a friendly warning
you may never know where you stand with her
I hope you like surprises


bookdragon, poet, witch

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