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colorful love [poem]

I will love you in a full spectrum of colors
each a dazzling demonstration
of how expansive love is
I will love you cotton candy pink
soft and easily dissolved on your tongue
a sweet taste of simple times
I will love you ebony black
with all the dark unknowable parts of me
you will get lost in the night
and learn to appreciate sunrise better for it
I will love you army green
disciplined and ready to follow your orders anywhere
a bizarre obedience from an oddball like me
I know but still
I will love you neon orange
impossibly bright and hard to miss even from miles away
a sign of warning
of caution
of danger
I will love you blue
the calmest of ocean waters
a reminder of happiness and freedom
in the floating moments between waves
I will love you rusty red and brown with disuse
cherishing even the forgotten and rejected pieces of you
left out to the elements until they crumbled to dust
I will love you crystal clear
a prism hung in the window to catch the sun
radiating all of the potential love can be between two souls
I promise as long as there is light
there will be colors
there will be love


bookdragon, poet, witch

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