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lost [poem]

I’m lost without you
my sweet not-yet lover
I wonder if you’re lost without me too
in this too big but so small world
it feels like every sunset
between now and meeting you
is an eternity wasted
l feel my morality most when it’s dark out
and the moon pulls at the tides of my heart
I am helpless to resist the longing night brings here
I’ve been alone now almost two years without
another’s touch
someone loving all of this mess
I admit it though
I’m weak
hopelessness easier to embrace
in the face of immeasurable time until you’re here
easier than believing in you at all
my heart is torn
between wanting you to be here now
and wanting you to stay away forever
loving you is a terrifying thing
and some nights
I’m too lost to face my fears


bookdragon, poet, witch

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