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blister [poem]

for as long as I could remember
I’ve been allergic to mosquitoes
each bite an angry red welt topped with a blister unpopped the itching is madness
but a busted blister means pain
sometimes a new scar
I often chose to stop the itching
to seek relief
even if it’d be better to wait it out
to leave the bite untouched
you are a mosquito
and loving you has been an angry festering lump
under my skin
I write poems to you
about you
I scratch carefully around the blister of us
until that no longer provides relief
my nails will break the skin
my words will burst the abscess in my heart
until the itching stops
until I can stop loving you
it’ll leave a scar
but I can’t wait for this incessant insanity
to finally end


bookdragon, poet, witch

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