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a thank you note to my high priestess [poem]

we met in a coffee shop
a circle of pagan people gathered
to make new friends and chance connections
you looked past my bright eyed innocence
to see the potential priestess beneath my still waters
I looked up to you
priestess and teacher
my guide into a wider world of magic
than I’d ever known on my own
you earned my respect
spun lessons into my life
while providing a safety net in case I fell
you became a friend too
when my heart grew love so big it birthed a tsunami
you showed me your ocean
taught me how to measure the waves
and how to avoid drowning in them
in the years of magic and mayhem that we call life
you lifted me up
told the gods I was worthy
even when I wasn’t sure it was completely true
when your life crumbled
like brittle sun-baked paper in your fingers
your survival showed me how to find purpose
how to grab life’s lessons with both hands
and shove them into place
until life returned to beautiful again
what I’m trying to say is
thank you
there are no words powerful enough
to truly explain my gratitude
for your presence in this
crazy ritual I call life


bookdragon, poet, witch

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