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don’t lie to a storyteller [poem]

I’m a storyteller and a grudge holder
and that is to say
I will tell others our story because I played a part in it
and I won’t often place you in the brightest light
if you hurt me
lie to me
break my heart
I will weave my hurt into a tapestry of betrayal
my audience’s reactions to your actions
a soothing balm
I won’t be malicious though
won’t slip untruths between the layers
if I’m unburdening myself of our twisted history
the story already has a bitter end
I won’t need to add anything
to make you the monster under the bed
consider this your warning
a cautionary tale
about approaching my well-worn heart
with anything less than honesty
you will not like the stories told if you lie to me


bookdragon, poet, witch

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