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to the woman who would love me [poem]

I’m sorry in advance
for the trouble I’m going to put you through
if you find yourself at my door
love a beautiful blossom between us
then you need to know why I’m allergic
to loving a good woman like you
I grew up loving girls
a fluffy kind of love that sows friendships for a lifetime
or at least it tries to
I never really wanted another woman though
never saw myself sweaty and breathless
with that earthy kind of love
until her
for the first time
I found myself drowning in another woman’s ocean
thought I could link our hearts
a beautiful constellation
but she didn’t want my love like that
she offered me the role of her friendly little whore
I just had to remember to keep my heart locked away
to leave hers alone wherever it rested
she burned me bad
left this fear of loving women in her wake
you my dear
have an uphill battle to reach my skittish heart
I can only hope you don’t give up
before you reach the top


bookdragon, poet, witch

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