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friends to lovers [poem]

when you and I meet
it’ll be uneventful
we’ll bond over something silly
like Marvel movies or our favorite coffee place
you won’t realize it in that moment
that I’m going to matter to you
and that’s okay
it really is
love at first sight is intense and wonderful in its own way
but I won’t want that from you
you’ll catch on
after you spend enough time around me
and my adorable weirdness
I’ll quickly become that friend you can’t really explain to others
some stories about me
will sound like Plain Jane moments
but others will make people assume you’re spinning tall tales
you’ll know from our long and winding talks that
I really did meet a guy who said he was a werewolf
and had a vampire for a friend
and danced naked around a bonfire with dozens of other witches
it just sounds a bit wild out of context
that’s all
you’ll know me page by page
because that’s the only way to make sense
of the odd life I’ve led
I’ll find your life just as fascinating
even if you think that living an hour from your hometown is lame
you’ll see how amazing your stories are
to someone who’s only ever had the tsunami and never the calm sea
I hope you fall in love with me slowly
seeing my scuff marks for the texture they are
rather than damage they could’ve been
you’ll love me right
I think
because you’ll get it
there won’t be anything vague in our relationship
not when you’ll be my wife’s friend too
not when you’ll know all about
the polyamory
and the past mistakes
and the reasons I will always love again
you’ll really understand me
and that’s something I look forward to the most
I can’t wait to meet you


bookdragon, poet, witch

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