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blessed be this body [poem]

blessed be my sore feet
for holding me up through a long shift at work
blessed be my stiff knees
for allowing me to enjoy that three hour hike
even though it exhausted me
blessed be my jiggly ass
for making anything a good seat
blessed be my confused womb
for sometimes reminding me I’m a woman
and sometimes letting me forget
blessed be my stretchmarked belly
for being kind enough to accept
almost any form of fuel
blessed be my annoying boobs
for making me feel the good kind of curvy
when I bother to dress up girly
blessed be my naive heart
for remembering how to love again and again
even when I’m ready to wash my hands clean
of loving anyone else
blessed be my megaphone mouth
for getting my point across
without letting anyone talk over me
blessed be my blurry eyes
for all the stories they let me absorb every day
blessed be my scattered thoughts
for birthing poetry
and to do lists with equal enthusiasm
blessed be my well-worn body
for all the things I’m capable of doing
I am truly grateful for all my bits and pieces
the ones that work and the ones that don’t
this body is my body
and I am blessed


bookdragon, poet, witch

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