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anchor [poem]

it’s in your eyes the first time we meet
this frightened hopelessness
that comes from too much running
too much fighting
too much feeling
I get it
I know how it feels
to become rudderless in the middle of the ocean
every wave reminding you of
just how out of control your life has become
how powerless you are
to correct your own course
I get it
I know how your throat locks up
with all the words you want to say
how you can’t even cry
so you watch people walk by and
wish you could ask for help
I get it
I know how to anchor you safely
if you need to stay out here to lose yourself
or how to find you and pull you back to shore
before the storms can sweep you away
I’ll save you from drowning in yourself
if you let me
if you let me
I’ll love you until you remember
how to love yourself again


bookdragon, poet, witch

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