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plastic smiles [poem]

it started with a smile
a chapped curve of lying lips
it was see-through like plastic wrap
flimsy and
but they let you get by on that falsehood
I’m fine
another careful line
in the screenplay of How To Be Okay
written by you
they didn’t look deeper
didn’t see the shadows in your eyes
or the way your steps faltered when others walked past
but I saw it
the violence in your heart
the demons you were running from
I knew that look
the haunted emptiness of broken promises
of harsh words
of hopeless goodbyes
you see
I’ve danced with the demons too
felt that anger
that self-loathing
burning in my chest too
I’ve wanted to wrap my hands around a bottle and
swallow until I stopped feeling too
but we don’t have to do this
there’s always another way to
pick up your scattered bits
and make sense of living again
if you look
really look in the mirror
you’ll see
the mask is just soot
from the burning of your rebirth
phoenix child
take this washcloth
and wipe away those ashes until
you finally see what I see


bookdragon, poet, witch

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