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here’s your other sock too [poem]

it started with his bodywash sitting
innocently abandoned
in my shower one morning
I swung it by his place with a quick kiss and
a reminder to grab his things next time around
this is the way we love
two adult people
with separate lives and separate homes
choosing moments to be together
planned interactions
rather than the passive mingling of moments
this is our love
a love that doesn’t need a drawer in my dresser
to know he’s welcome in my home
a love who respects his own boundaries enough
to take time alone when he needs it and
I gladly let this love go
his time alone
a chance for me too
to breathe
because let’s face it
love is a heavy blanket in spring and
sometimes we need to leave it folded to the side
when the sun makes things too hot
other times we need the comfort of its cocoon
to offset the chill of an April storm
love is a balance
of hellos and
goodbyes and
here’s your other sock


bookdragon, poet, witch

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